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Movie Summary and Short Story of Chakra (1981)

Movie Story in Short (Movie Plot): Amma lives in Bijapur with her husband and son, Benwa. When a man attempts to sexually molest her, he is killed by her husband, the trio flee, but the husband is shot dead by the police. Amma re-locates to a shanty slum near Dharavi,

Chakra movie is available in Hindi Language(s). The release year for this movie is 1981. Chakra movie is from the county India. It has total runtime of around 140 min and it is rated as N/A rating by viewers, critics, certificate authorities and creators.

==> Chakra (1981) Ratings, Cast and Crew

The major star cast in Chakra (1981) is Savita Bajaj, Arun Bakshi, Suresh Bhagwat

Chakra movie has been listed under Action. This movie is directed by Rabindra Dharmaraj. The story plot and the script has been written by Jaywant Dalvi, Rabindra Dharmaraj.

Chakra (1981) movie has recieved ratings as follows: IMD has rated 6.7/10, whereas Critics Score is N/A%. Also additionally there are ratings from Internet Movie Database 6.7/10. These ratings are as on date of the movie details posted here..

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